t would be an understatement to say that Laura helped me in making my first home purchase. She guided me meticulously through the whole process of securing a mortgage and I knew I was in safe hands right from the first call I had made to enquire about my options. 
She took the time to listen and understand the financial capability and circumstances and at no point did it look that I might have to look elsewhere. She did not provide any high-flying assurances and presented a very realistic picture of how much I could afford and what pricing range I should aim for in this highly volatile, here today gone tomorrow real estate market. The best part about working with Laura was that she kept pace with the developments at every stage of the process and provided timely updates.
I am glad that she guided me through the entire process and would happily endorse her to friends and family.
First Time Home Buyer

I loved that Laura took the time to listen. She got familiar with our family, our needs and chose appropriate options for each area of our lives. Her heart is gold and she genuinely wants to help families save money and purchase products that will perfectly suit their individual needs. Flexible appointments allowed us to take care of our family first so that we could concentrate on our options and use our time more effectively.
Laura was always prepared. She listened to our concerns and left with some homework. When she came back, she would present us with a foolproof plan for success. I don’t think you could get better than that!
We were able to complete our backyard renovations including landscaping and outdoor furniture
We amalgamated our depts to one easy payment with less than half the previous interest percentage
We purchased a car to accommodate our growing family
We are in the process of completing our basement with our floor prepared, drains addressed, plumbing resolved and supplies purchased
Laura was a critical part in us having the opportunity.
O’Malley, Hamilton

Laura was amazing. She was so patient, supportive and completely professional. She understood our feelings of anxiousness and could “talk anyone down off a ledge!” We felt totally comfortable and secure that she was taking care of everything.